"Quick Logistic Request"

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"Quick Logistic Request"

Post by victhor003 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:11 pm

Have a 6 slot zone between logistic requests and logistic trash in the player's inventory named "Quick Requests" or "Temporary Requests"

What ?
This Quick Request would be a 1 use request, you place and order, saying how many items you want to request and once the delivery is fulfilled it would automatically go away (You could do it making so when an item arrives the solicited number decreases)
Why ?
I would like to have this ingame for those times when you, for example want to request something but you end up requesting more than you want or if you request a block and you want to place it without getting a new one, Generally for those times when all you want is to get something quick without worrying that your inventory klogs up because the logistic network has decided that you wanted more.

I think i said it clearly, if not please request via quick request a more detailed explanation.

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