[0.16.49] More than one loader per tile is not save-stable

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[0.16.49] More than one loader per tile is not save-stable

Post by eradicator » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:12 am

I can already hear the "just don't do this"...but bear with me. Please. I'm posting this soley because of possible determinism concerns.

In a neighbouring thread we discussed the possibility of a loader-based N-splitter to complement the 2-splitter in base.

I did various experiments and thought i ended up with a working 1x1 3-splitter, but i just couldn't get it to stabilitze when not built manually. So yet another hour later i've determined that more than one splitter per tile works only if constructed in a very particular order, and only while the game is running. As soon as you load the game it breaks! And loading should never affect the game-state as far as i understand.

I've attached a video in case anyone thinks this is a photoshop joke. (A gif would be too large)
er-one-tile-per-loader-bugreport.jpg (202.64 KiB) Viewed 243 times
Demo mod (contains minified loader and reduces chest collision_box):
(4.55 KiB) Downloaded 18 times
Demo savegame (it's not save stable, so this is the broken one...):
(934.5 KiB) Downloaded 19 times
Demo video (zipped because forum doesn't like .mkv):
(7.45 MiB) Downloaded 19 times
How to reproduce:
  1. Load the attached save+mod.
  2. Remove the inputting loader (west side), place it back down (blue side towards belt), rotate it to "input" mode.
  3. Remove and replace the inputting belt segment.
  4. Now it's a bit fiddly...
  5. Remove one of the other loaders (north/south work best) and place it back down. Then replace the belt segment that loader is connected to. If it worked continue. If it didn't try another loader+belt pair first.
  6. Do so for the other two loader+belt pairs.
It's important to rebuild the belt right after the loader. Rebuilding all loaders and after that all belts doesn't work.
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Re: [0.16.49] More than one loader per tile is not save-stable

Post by kovarex » Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:48 pm

Hello, well the game is built in a way, that transport belt-like entities should never share tiles. This example breaks it. I could write some non-trivial code to make sure, that it is enforced, and the mod is not loadable if you wish.

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