[MOD 0.14] AAI Vehicles: Flame Tumbler

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[MOD 0.14] AAI Vehicles: Flame Tumbler

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Title: AAI Vehicles: Flame Tumbler
Short Description: A very high speed ramming vehicle hardened against collision damage and armed with a flamethrower. Suitable for rapid base assault, wilderness exploration, and hit-and-run engagements. Can be automated with AAI Programmable Vehicles mod (Coming Soon).
Name: aai-vehicles-flame-tumbler
Factorio Version: 0.14
Mod State: Beta
Dependencies: Base
Author: Earendel
Downloads: Mod Portal
Licence: See below

Long Description
The Flame Tumbler is a very high speed armoured Car with a flamethrower. It has very high resistance to impact damage so it is well suited to ramming. It can rotate the left and right wheels independently to turn on the spot.

The Tumbler is not a tank, and although more durable than a normal car it’s not a good idea to stay in one place for too long. The flamethrower means that you can rush in, set everything on fire and rush out again.

Making a quick getaway is easy because it has the engine power, forward ram and reinforced frame required to power it’s way through forests and other obstacles. If anything tries to follow you just aim the flamethrower at your position and leave a trail of fire behind you.


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