[0.12.1] 'f' grabbing from wrong side of corner belts

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[0.12.1] 'f' grabbing from wrong side of corner belts

Post by GopherAtl »

I haven't tested all four corner cases, but at least for corners going from up and to the right, as in the screenshot, hitting the key to pick up items nearby picks up from the wrong side of the belt from the outside when you are in range of only one side.

The spot where I noticed it...

and that save, with me standing at exactly that position, so "grab" should pick up the inserters, but not any circuits.
Save file
This is the most minor of minor bugs, likely the fix will be proportionally easy though.

Just ran around my base trying other corners, wasn't exhaustive but tried at least 4 of the 8 possible corner belt configurations and seems to be happening on all of them.
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Re: [0.12.1] 'f' grabbing from wrong side of corner belts

Post by HanziQ »

Thank you for reporting, this will be fixed in next release.

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