[bug] Word wrapping breaks punctuation after URLs

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[bug] Word wrapping breaks punctuation after URLs

Post by JasonC »

I filed this issue on the phpBB bug tracker but they told me to post it here, which seems silly but...


When a BBCode [/url] closing tag is followed by a punctuation character, word wrapping can still insert a line break between the end of the generated URL and the punctuation.

For example, the following:

Code: Select all

...there is also [url=https://redacted]an issue preventing Move/Look from being reassigned[/url], so resetting...
May be rendered as (Chrome 106, Windows 10) the attached screenshot. Note the comma is on the following line.
phpbb.png (14.45 KiB) Viewed 951 times
1. Create a BBCode URL followed by a punctuation mark.
2. Enter an appropriate amount of text such that the URL is at the end of a word-wrapped line.
3. View the rendered post.

Expected: Punctuation stays with URL.

Actual: Word-wrap inserts line break between URL and punctuation.

Solution: phpBB should insert non-breaking space characters (  in HTML) before punctuation if certain punctuation characters immediately follow a URL with no whitespace separating the two.

David Colón wrote: Please report it to the site administrator and they can follow up and create a bug report if they find it's a bug in the software.
If any admins care, it's probably enough for you to just post a confirm / no-repro comment there instead of creating a whole new report.
Took a break from 0.12.29 to 0.17.79, and then to ... oh god now it's 1.something. I never know what's happening.

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