Mod overhaul modpack, 12.x

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Mod overhaul modpack, 12.x

Post by sporefreak »

After looking through the forums and finding every mod I like I have created a mess of a mod pack that I'm not sure what to call.
The point of this mod pack is to take all the mods I like and remove features that I don't like. (or add new ones)
While a lot of things are still being edited/changed I thought I would get "The word" out there.

Current list of mods (I have removed a few of these and i have not gone through and picked them all out yet Along with that I may not have some in there that I do in the end result Like RSO I haven't added that yet.)
Recorderd Changes
Planned on changing
Most of the content in the spoilers was copy/pasted from notes so some of it may not make some sense to others :)
I do plan on keeping all the mods up to date with factorio. once I actually complete the pack I will work on getting it updated for 13.x
Download link should be there at the end of the month (Pack should be finished by then)

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to let me know,

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