[MOD 0.15] BurnCycle - Recycle by Smelting

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[MOD 0.15] BurnCycle - Recycle by Smelting

Post by Dustine »

Title: BurnCycle - Recycle by Selting
Short Description: Adds smelting recipes to regain iron, steel and similars from outdated and non-upgradable items. Updated from vanatteveldt's original mod.
Name: BurnCycle
Factorio Version: 0.15
Mod State: Release
Dependencies: Base
Optional Extras: BobPlates (Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates)
Author: vanatteveldt, Dustine
Downloads: Mod Portal
Licence: MIT

Just place your unwanted item into any furnace and watch it cook. You'll get back 100% of the materials of whatever type it returns, that is, if an item was crafted with iron and copper, you'll get back all of the invested iron but none of the copper.

The mod prioritizes steel/iron over copper/brick for the smelting result, as those are usually the heaviest crafting investment into the crafted items. Oh, and any stone is cooked for you into bricks. Useful for higher tier furnaces!

Smelting recipes unlock when they're relevant (when the item becomes outdated).

Note: numbers between parenthesis correspond to costs on savegames with the Expensive recipes preset.

From the get-go:
  • 1 burner inserter → 3 iron plates (5 iron plates)
  • 1 burner miner → 9 iron plates (30 iron plates)
  • 1 pistol → 5 iron plates
After researching Advanced Material Processing [Steel furnaces]
  • 2 stone furnaces → 5 stone bricks
  • 1 iron chest → 8 iron plates
  • [Bobplates] 1 metal mixing furnace → 5 stone bricks
  • [Bobplates] 1 chemical furnace → 5 stone bricks
After researching Advanced Mat. Processing 2 [Electric furnaces]
  • 1 shotgun → 25 iron plates (35 iron plates)
  • 1 steel furnace → 6 steel plates
  • [Bobplates] 1 steel metal mixing furnace → 6 steel plates
  • [Bobplates] 1 steel chemical furnace → 11 steel plates
If you have any issues or crashes which you think may relate to this mod, please post a bug report either on github issues or on this forum threas. Please avoid creating a bug report in the mod discussion page if possible, as posts created there do not modify me or any of the mod maintainers.

Try to describe your problem in full (what were you doing when it happened, any error messages), and if possible/relevant include to the bug report a list of active mods and an attached savegame.

This also goes for suggestions/feedback, which is much appreciated!
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