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Magical Boxes!

Post by Lutra »

name: Magical Boxes
Factorio version: 0.12.33
Author: Lutra
Description: adds magical loot boxes
long description
if someone wants to make better graphics, feel free. i cant draw on paper, let alone MS paint...
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Re: Magical Boxes!

Post by sporefreak »

Are these crafted? do they spawn in the world randomly? More info please. And pictures

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Re: Magical Boxes!

Post by DevilXD »

I downloaded this mod just to see what it look like...

You can craft Magical Box from:
"wooden-chest", 1
"fast-inserter", 1
"repair-pack", 1

The loot dropped will be one of the following items:

Code: Select all

Items drop in random quantity from 1 to 20

EDIT: This should be in the description BTW

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