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Angel's Infinite Ores

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Angels Mods

I. Angels Infinite Ores
II. Angels Refining
III. Angels PetroChem
IV. Angel's Smelting
V. Angel's Bio Processing
VI. Angel's Industries
VII. Angel's Addons

X. Development and Discussion
XI. Bugs & FAQ
XII. Donations and Chocolate Fund

Angels Ores

-Adds Infinite Ores to spawn in addition to the regular ores
-Supports Vanilla Ores, BobsOres and Yuoki Ores
-Usage of the RSO Mod is highly recommended, it features the generation of ore patches which have a percentage of infinite ores (see screenshot) thanks to orzelek! Image

Mod File: The mod has config options to turn on/off certain aspects:
-enable/disable ifinite ores
-modify the yield of the infinite ores
-enable/disable and modify the loweryield mode
-enable/disable RSO-mode (hides infinite ores in the Generation menu)
-enable/disable individual infinite version of bobsores
-enable/disable infinite version of Yuoki Ores
-enable/disable infinite version of Uranium Power Ores
-enable/disable infinite version of Nucular Ores
-enable/disable infinite version of Dark Matter Replicator Ores

-Bobbingabout of bobmods for his code and mod to learn from, his advice and also for the method to use tinted ore sprite sheets.
-Orzelek of RSO mod for his advice and the great integration of infinite ores.
-YuokiTani of YuokiIndustries for advice
-Everyone who gave feedback and helped to develop the mod

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