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Re: Role playing direction

Post by FactorMan » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:23 pm

Good day! :D
You are making a wonderful game! I apologize for the google translator. I have a small wish. Please make the character separate from the world. Open technologies, equipment and inventory must belong to a character that we could play in different worlds, including a friend on the network. As it is done in other sandbox games: Terraria, Starbund.

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Re: Role playing direction

Post by Factorie » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:00 am

I'm going against the grain and will say I like the RTS elements. Coming from a SC:BW background, I'm a fan of the direction the game is going. I also like playing singleplayer a lot so adding classes in a single player game would block out a lot of content for me.

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Re: Role playing direction

Post by WimeSTone » Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:35 am

If RPG scenario is ever to happen - just add quests/objectives, they fit into RTS idea too.
My point on classes:
  • · Fixed classes would limit the gameplay;
    · "A class" should be a separate tech tree, which is researched simultaneously with main one, and, you can research whole tree. Special science packs for the tree could be rewarded through quests or crafted somehow. But I would rather call them "Knowledge Base" for player tech tree and "Entry" for science pack. You need more Entries in your Knowledge Base to become a smart foreman ;)
And on quests/objectives:
  • · For example, in freeplay scenario, earlygame quests could be "Produce X iron plates per minute" and a reward could be some free tier 2 assemblers. I would love free assemblers;
    · Add neutral structures to capture, frequency is set in options like ores. Abandoned alien Strip miners with high productivity, Labs, Solar Arrays etc. Those would be infested with aliens, and one more thing, you can't nuke it, those are fragile so that even grenades hurt a lot :twisted: Unless it is a Gun Cannon MK III;
Just some thoughts, I'm already happy with Factorio, yet, some extras are always welcome. :D
"You don't have enough iron, trust me." - Factorio Postulates, tome one.

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Re: Role playing direction

Post by Factory Lobster » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:51 pm

bunce wrote:How about having those class specific roles built into armours instead of the character itself. Then you can build a fighter armour or a scentist lab coat or something. That way there is no leveling up, no looking through the forumus for a scientist in your timezone to play with and no grinding levels. Just make the armour, and the conciquencial upgrades expencive, so players are disencouraged to build a set of each type of armour and go around being everything at once.

Then the armour add-on could also boost these upgrades by small amouts and only the chemistry set could go in the scientist labcoat to get 10% faster research. (This would also mean you would have to add alot more tech to the tech tree to make science last late into the end game) + (probably would have to launch multiple rockets into space to research the planet's solar system).

Of course i used Scientist as an example because we all know what direction the fighter and engineer class would take.

thanks for reading

This would introduce the age-old problem in RPGs of switching out gear all the time to get bonuses for whatever application needed at the time. This is already a problem with the MK2 armor (are you wearing your construction bot "set" or your combat "set"?). It's not fun to feel obligated to switch out items all the time for different tasks.

I think the spirit of what Kovarex originally proposed is a degree of permanence so you have to make real choices.

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Re: Role playing direction

Post by Daz3 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:45 pm

Why should the skill tree be an exclusive choice? Perhaps not a choice of skills over all but a choice of which ones first?

I'd suggest several seperate skill trees, fighter, builder, researcher, labour (digging ores and cutting trees manually? Could tie this in with the trophy 'Caveman' for not using the techs.) Progress in each tree would be limited only by itself, so you could put all skill points into combat, research. Etc. Or make progress tied to activity in a tree: You got hit twenty times so heres a bonus to hit points...

I know most of this has been said before but I think it needs to be repeated; classes will put too great a limit on the freedom of the players. An open tree would allow people to play a rounded game, specialise if they want/need too. Or ignore a section of the tree completely for the challenge.

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Re: Role playing direction

Post by kovarex » Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:17 pm

I'm sorry but this topic is way too old and outdated, so I'm locking it.


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