Forum changes (cleanung up the subdir mess)

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Forum changes (cleanung up the subdir mess)

Post by ssilk »

I just want to mention, that I changed the mods board a bit. It's not finished yet, for the remaining tasks I take some more time.

Especially I will soon (somewhere after Christmas) begin to filter out non-working mods, aka. mods, which are not running with the current 0.12 stable. or with 0.11 stable, cause the board is otherwise messed with non-working stuff. I hope this will give a bit of motivation to modders to update their mods. ;)

Very welcome are also updated mods by 3rd party. Just give me a note, if you made made an inofficial update, I will try to link that directly.

I hope it's better now, put critic and suggestions into this thread. Thanks.
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