Mods for OCD compact/clean builds

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Mods for OCD compact/clean builds

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After having solved and built most of the typical contraptions a few times I now like to make clean, simple and well ordered builds. Cleanliness and compactness also enables me to focus on more advanced engineering. Mods help.

Below is the set of mods I am using for spaghetti reduction. All of them save on space and mess, but require extra resources and assembler time in return. I tend to use these mods only at specific locations like stations, while keeping most of my builds vanilla.

I am wondering if there are other mods that I should consider?

LTN - for cleaner train handling. (

Bulk Loaders - Better than chests and inserters, makes stations simpler/cleaner and its large buffer helps with supply. I also use it as a temporary "huge chest" during redesigns. (

Miniloaders - Full belt "inserters". Major station spaghetti reduction. (

Luzivras Factorio Power - Allows me to condense solar arrays to a single panel and accumulator. (

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