Starter items mod roundup

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Starter items mod roundup

Post by sparr » Sat May 20, 2017 3:43 am

There are a lot of mods that give you additional items at the start of a new game. The goal of this post is to describe them all for comparison purposes. I'll be listing the most important items and changes provided by each mod; many of them also provide a variety of less expensive/hightech items.

Quick Start
Starts with one of three kits and also sets up some quickbar presets:
Small - some steel axes, burner mining drills. many belts, plates, gears, coal.
Medium - same and more of the Small kit, plus many circuits, inserters, chests, pipes, medium electric poles. some grey assemblers and labs, a medium power plant, power armor, a car. 50 construction robots, 5 personal roboports and power for them.
Big - same and more of the Medium kit, plus many blue assemblers, big electric poles, logistics chests, oil refineries and chemical plants, roboports, and logistic robots. Also unlocks tech up to Logistics Robotics.

Starts with a steel axe, a small power plant, a few electric mining drills, some inserters, many belts.

Start With Electric Furnaces
Unlocks some medium technologies, including Plastics and Advanced Material Handling 2.
Starts with a steel axe, a SMG and more ammo, some steel and circuits and basic resources, small poles, inserters.

ITW - Electric Start
Starts with a small power plant, a few electric mining drills and grey assemblers, some inserters, some landfill, many belts, a turret, and a lab. Also disables the burner inserter and burner mining drill recipes.

Starts with a no-protection small modular armor, two personal roboports, 20 construction robots, and power for them. Also changes small and medium equipment grids to be even-dimension rectangles.

Starts with a custom small modular armor, two personal roboports, 20 construction robots, and power for them, a small power plant, some inserters and labs, many belts.

xaels fast-start
Starts with some steel axes, blue assemblers, labs, electric mining drills, chests, a small power plant, heavy armor, many raw and intermediate resources, inserters, belts, small and medium electric poles.
Also sets up some quickbar filters.

Skip Spaghetti Phase
Starts with weapons and much ammo, a car, power armor, 3 personal roboports, and power for them. Some turrets, many belts and medium and big poles, fast and long inserters, blue assemblers, labs, chests and logistic chests, pumpjacks and electric mining drills, a huge power plant, and many basic resources.
Players respawn with stocked armor, weapons, ammo, and a car.
Also sets up a full set of quickbar filters and unlocks approximately 35 technologies including modules, equipment, robotics.

If there is demand, I will update this with some sort of quick reference chart, and possibly also describe 0.13 and 0.14 mods that were not updated for 0.15.

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