Logistic Network and Logistic Chest Extensions

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Logistic Network and Logistic Chest Extensions

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This is moved from viewtopic.php?f=80&t=18093 Roboport/Logistic Network/Robot enhancements
cause the number of suggestions where growing too big. :)

There is very much been written about it. Mainly cause the current logistic system hinders the player to make things simple and so he needs to build something.

That is not a bad game-behavior by default, cause a "perfect" system has no game-value (think to perfect belt system: it would be just boring). But - other than the belt system - many players seem to think, that the current logistic network and chests needs some enhancements.

Things you need to know when you want to make changes to the logistic system
- The logistic system works in a very, very simple way: there are sources and targets. A target requests items (like a requester chest or a ghost building for construction), a source will eventually provide them (like for deconstruction). Any match between source and target, is put into a list.
- The system goes through that different lists in an order, that is ruled by the priorities of the different chests.
- The next source entity (for example a provider chest) will look up in a list of free robots and give the next free robot an order. At the same time it marks the item as "in transport" by reducing the number of available items.
- The robot then does nothing else, than transporting stupid simple from A to B. There are many ideas around optimizing that routing of the robots, but long things short: the current simple routing is not so bad as it looks, it is just not good, if your base has the shape of an "U" or a hole in the middle. See viewtopic.php?f=80&t=18093 Roboport/Logistic Network/Robot enhancements --> Handling of Robot-Routing / Pathing / Charging
- The robots are super-stupid: The wait for orders. They do not look actively for something they can transport.
- That is, to reduce CPU-load. It's indeed so, that the logistic system can transport enormous amounts without much CPU-load. That is an important point for any change.

The Logistic System must be Seen in General
Players see that of course so: There is the logistic network(s), there the construction network area and logistic area, there the chests, the roboports, the logistic robots, the construction robots.
But the logistic system must be seen more generally: There're the sources, the targets (*) , their priorities and which provider can provide which requester.
Altogether is the logistic system.

(*) Providers/requesters are not only chests. The construction and deconstruction, or the player is also nothing else than provider/requester. Roboports and their spanned network belongs together, but the player can also have a construction network around, when he uses the personal roboport. And some requester can request exact amounts, while other request just "about" that.

One Ring to Rule Them All
Against my normal neutral behavior as moderator I enhance a suggestion - not because it is by me; indeed it was teamwork over a year and with many former discussions here in this forum to form it as it is now (I just formulated it to an useable suggestion). And it is in my eyes still one of the best.
viewtopic.php?f=67&t=8905 Overlapping Logistic Network II
This idea has some advantages against others: It sits just on top of the current logistic network and adds just the ability to have "local subnetworks". That allows to build small "logistic isles" that overlaps with the bigger basic logistic network. Think to an ocean and small isles in it! (The suggestions needs eventually some drawing to see how simple it is in the end, because the text alone is perhaps difficult to understand.)

I think that would solve most problems that are described in the links below. :)

Logistic Network extension
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1243 Logistic bot improvements
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Logistic Chests extensions


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viewtopic.php?f=80&t=43460 Logistic Network and Logistic Chest Extensions
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