Events (Environmental Disasters and Weather) / Biome-Types

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Events (Environmental Disasters and Weather) / Biome-Types

Post by Nemoder »

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A fun challange could be the addition of occasional environmental disasters like earthquakes, lightning storms, solar flares, alien spore clouds, etc that could damage you or your buildings. And of course new research branches to provide protection against them.

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Re: [idea] Environmental disasters

Post by Blackmoor »

I was just about to make a post about weather and using weather balloons and weather control machines. Man vs Nature is a big part of the survival genre.

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Re: Events (Environmental Disasters and Weather)

Post by ssilk »

Environmental disasters. This is in general having more random events during the game. Some mods implemented for example an asteroid crash.
There are especially events, that makes energy generation more random, which makes much sense gameplay-wise.

From ... 692#p61090
- different temperatures: the water has not always 15 degrees. It can be different, in cold places you need much more coal, when you need to heat from 0, warm places need less (up to 30?)
- depending on temp we have different creatures
- the pollution behaves differently (when warm it is more spreading, in wet areas we have rain, which cleans the air a lot, but it is then in the lakes)
- different seasons? Different day/night cycle? Different temps? Different energy by solar? And lots more.
- dry areas, you will suck of your lakes, if you use it for simple steam engines. We need turbines and closed water cycles.
- the aliens are in different areas more/less aggressive.
- ice? Temps under zero.
- the need to eat and drink, which can be fulfilled quite different in the temp zones

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