Factory Streets / Star Wars like robot factories / Frame Mounting / Modular Production

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Factory Streets / Star Wars like robot factories / Frame Mounting / Modular Production

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Taken from viewtopic.php?f=76&t=338 Factories with built-in conveyor belts
Thinking of something like a car factory with a permanently moving belt or monorail it would make sense that the inserters take the materials from outside and place them inside the factory.
But why not make the factory itself push the product outside through that opening allowing you to just place a conveyor next to it to transport it off?
Keywords: automation streets, assembly lines, Star Wars like robot factories, StarWars, car production, modular design, building on factory streets, cybernetic modules and frames


Well, in my eyes the basic of such a technology are frames. We already have the flying robot frame https://wiki.factorio.com/index.php?tit ... obot_frame
But that simply can be made to a construction or logistic robot.

But the basic idea of a frame is similar to the modular armor in the power suit: You have slots and you can put items into it which change the behavior of finished entity.

So other frames are of course thinkable, like a car frame, a tank frame, etc. Depending on what/how many you plug into the frame the behavior changes.

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