Improvements of the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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Improvements of the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Post by ssilk »

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Re: Improvements of the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Post by timesinker »

there are some guy-related things that really annoy me :

the research gui should disappear as soon as research is finished ( might get obsolete with infinite research )

the minimap should be easily togglable (?) to give more room for the logistic network info,same with the detailed -hover over an item-info -for the same reason.
i don't need a big grey square that tells me what a iron chest is , after playing for 1000+ hrs..

right now, i need to get to the menu, to options, to graphics, to show minimap and all the way back ,to get a good view of the logistic network content,and even with the minimap off,the item info (you need to hover over a chest to get to the logistic network info) takes half the space.

so it would ne nice to be able to either switch the map on and off with a single key and also disable the detailed item info or give us a logistic network info page like the one for power or production.

by the way: this game rocks so hard, i can't thank you enough for creating this beauty.
youre my all time favorite developers,you guys care. for your baby and for us.

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Re: Improvements of the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Post by philipsdirk »

timesinker wrote: or give us a logistic network info page like the one for power or production.
I always have that problem to where i just can't see al the items in my system, it really annoys me because i can't see wich items are needed, I also thought abou this option to Fix thsi issue :idea:

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