Collection of End-Game-Ideas / Enhancing Endgame

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Collection of End-Game-Ideas / Enhancing Endgame

Post by ssilk »

The number of ideas for "What will come after the rocket launch" can be expressed with this formula:

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Number Of Ideas = (Number of Players that bought Factorio ^ 2 ) * Hours Played 

Seriously: The devs plan to complete their idea about the space platform and constructing a big spaceship.
See (look down)

Space Platform, Space Ship, What?

Update from June 2017: The latest change of this plan can be seen here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=678&start=420#p247440

This is/was the plan till then:
  • Build rocket (This is, where the game currently ends)
  • Build a space platform. See picture above!
  • Build a space ship.
  • This space ship must come trough some sort of "tasks", like asteroid belts, enemies...
The ideas come from these games:
And another newer game, which I didn't found. It linked to a youtube video... Maybe someone knows what I mean :)

The newest information to this ( The plans for 0.14):
Overall plan
Our overall plan is to have Factorio 1.0 finished next summer. This most probably means, that 0.15 would become 1.0 once it gets stable. We have not decided what will go into 0.15 yet, but the current plans contain the ideas of the dirty mining and artillery train, but this is all subject to change. We will mainly try to polish the corners, so the overall result is balanced solid and finished game.
This will be the result of 5 years long hell of a ride, from home garage developement, through crowdfunding to our offices and steam. Finishing the game will be important step for us and our conscience, as all the promises we gave on the way will be delivered.
After that, we will probably take a reasonably long vacation to clear our heads and then ... well, I find it very probable that we will still want to work on the game. The meaningful possibility as I see it would be to make proper expansion. That way we could implement the ideas like the space platform, biter farms and more with energy and time it deserves.

You might read these FFF-blog posts for more information Back to the cold Minds versus bytes The brainstorming (This is very important initial planning!) Focused on 0.12 (search about "space") Week flies by 0.12 Release today (About "surfaces") Long term plans (Here they shifted this plan, read "Long term plans") The late game The plans for 0.14

And the following articles in the forum:

viewtopic.php?f=68&t=2451&p=107460&hilit=endgame#p21210 endgame: rockets, space elevators, interplanetary logistics
Some dreams of Kovarex. He links there directly to
(also in viewtopic.php?f=68&t=1114 Idea for the goal in the late game - supply ships on orbit)
Which is a game, where you need to build a rocket from parts and then travel through the space. He said somewhere else, that this was the idea for the endgame.

viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8751 Endgame concerns[POLL]

viewtopic.php?f=5&t=19064 Does the game really need a story?
(which is interesting, cause the endgame is of course linked the the story and vice versa)

viewtopic.php?f=5&t=18764 About the endgame - kinda frustrating today
Especially this: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=18764&p=124377#p125228


viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21923 End game theory and gameplay ideas
Especially this: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21923&hilit=endgame ... 10#p140044

But what about colonists? Big bosses? Outer Aliens?

This thread should not stop you from posting more ideas. But it should show you the current direction. :)

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Here is a collection of that ideas
(far away from complete, there are for example a lot more discussions in general, which are not included with this search)

viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2451 endgame: rockets, space elevators, interplanetary logistics
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4167 My Suggestion For Freeplay Endgame
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Again: This is far away from being complete. :) If you miss something, just reply.

Some inspiration
When researching this topic I found some nice pics, which inspired me much:
viewtopic.php?f=80&t=24090 Collection of End-Game-Ideas / Enhancing Endgame
Cool suggestion: Eatable MOUSE-pointers.
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Re: Collection of End-Game-Ideas / Enhancing Endgame

Post by Khaylain »

Wow. Great collection you've made. Now I'll need to spend 50 hours reading all of this...

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Re: Collection of End-Game-Ideas / Enhancing Endgame

Post by bobucles »

A space game could very well be an entire expansion pack all by itself. You have to rethink resources, objectives and new tech to deal with the challenges in space.

The space platform presents a whole new logistic puzzle in of itself. It may cost resources to build a platform, and it may take special equipment to expand zones like life support or cargo storage or space defenses or asteroid mining or stuff like that. Lots of things to worry about.

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Re: Collection of End-Game-Ideas / Enhancing Endgame

Post by Wakaba-chan »

Getting in space is just what I'm dreaming of!
Actually, there is 3 my favorite games: Factorio, Kerbal Space Program and Starbound. My dream is to unite them all in one game so first, you need to manage factory that build various parts for rocket. Then you build specific rocket for certain mission - for example, you need small rocket with cheap engines to deliver small satellite to the orbit, but you need bigger ones to travel yourself over current solar system and you need tremendous amount of resources (maybe even some rare ones that you may need to search by the whole solar system) to build interstellar ship with FTL drive: to build its parts on various planets, to deliver them to corresponding orbits and then to move them all to the orbit of single planet and to build them all together. So... after all this being done, you can travel through various worlds, explore them, build there bases and mining outposts, automating interplanetar or even interstellar resource exchange and so on. To make it having sense, you can make world map of each planet (including starting one) to be finite. Big one, but finite in the end, like real ones, so you will be pushed forward to expand yourself to another worlds as you will consume all the resources everywhere after all. Good news is that the universe is still infinite! So you can build your own galaxy-wide automatic empire with some giant factory at its heart and lot of resource outposts on worlds around.
Also, that would be great to make worlds be different, like in Starbound! So each planet would have its own face and it would be just fun to travel and explore them. This bring us to various enemies as well so you would have to find unique means to defeat them.

The only thing I can't still imagine is how to bring the feel of distances in space... When you play Kerbal Space Program, sometimes you need a years to travel just between planets in your own solar system - this make you feel very well how big is the distance you do travel. You feel that "Yeah, I'm traveling the REAL space!", not just to the neighbor district for shopping like it is in other space-related games. It would be great to save this feeling in Factorio as well, but as I mentioned above, I just don't know how. Factorio plays in real-time and obviously player can't wait for years to travel. Time-warp is not an option as well, since while you warping time, who knows what would happen with abandoned factories on the planets? They will run out of fuel, biters will chew them up and so on. It may be even fun to bring abandoned factory to life back again, like in campaign train mission, but this gives no chance for interstellar automated interaction.

UPD: But this may be the point! No factory activities background. The only operating world is that where you are. So when you leave the planet, you need to shut down it's factory to prevent it from undesirable consequences. It will fade in term of long time anyway, say, for few years, but not as fast as if it would be left operating, since it will continue to attract biters that will ruin it in hours. So, for example, if you go there and back from the moon of your home planet, you will find your factory in the same state like it was after shutting down. But if you make interplanetary or interstellar travel, when you get back with collected loot, you may find some buildings damaged or even completely destroyed by time and some biters expanded there. So you may need to make some efforts to bring it back in action. Though, player may not be desiring to go home at all... so he will make new colony on every planet he visit, exhaust it, upgrade his ship, take new high-tech and expensive facility with himself and go on with his travel.

(Oh... I hope I choose right topic to bring my ideas to. Would appreciate if somebody point me where I could discuss them. Or should I make a new topic for this?)

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