Limit inserter stack size bonus if needed

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Limit inserter stack size bonus if needed

Post by ssilk » Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:18 pm

This is about reducing the inserter stack size bonus for some (special) cases.

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(Dammed, I'm really sure, that there are some more topics about this subject, but the search hides them effectively - the writers seem to use other words.)

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Re: Limit inserter stack size bonus if needed

Post by foggy » Thu Jan 05, 2017 5:55 am

Sharing my thoughts on this idea.

In my opinion, when you use filter inserters to only pickup specific items, you should also be able to define for each filter an integer value that instructs the inserter to wait for X items to be in the inserters hand before inserting them.

If a filter inserter can distinguish between different item types, why not also allow it to count and control the number of items it picks up. With a filter inserter being a 'smart' inserter, this fits right in with what my personal definition of what a filter inserter should do.

For example how I can see this being directly used, the best example I have currently is in the implementation of smart furnace setups that can produce any item depending on what is supplied to it. You would be able to setup filter inserters to directly feed the furnances without needing to do anything with the circuit network and chests.
On the filter inserters you would setup filters such as:
  • Steel - filter for Iron Plate and wait for 5x items in the inserter hand before inserting
  • Stone Brick - filter for Stone and wait for 2x items in the inserter hand before inserting
  • Iron Plate - filter for Iron Ore and wait for 1x items in the inserter hand before inserting
  • Copper Plate - filter for Copper Ore and wait for 1x items in the inserter hand before inserting
With the above example, if the inserter has only picked up 3x iron plate it would not timeout and insert the 3x plate into the furnace. Instead, it would wait until it has the 5 it requires as that is what is has been programmed to deliver.

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Re: Limit inserter stack size bonus if needed

Post by aober93 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:23 pm

Well a dev has kinda confirmed that in 0.15 you can set stack size.

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