Enemy Variations / Enemy Variety / New Enemies / Boss

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Enemy Variations / Enemy Variety / New Enemies / Boss

Post by Verbesity »

Increased enemy variety is listed as one of the goals for the game by release since obviously creepers are pretty basic and not all that interesting.

I looked and didn't see a thread for enemy suggestions so I figured I'd make one for everybody to post their ideas and related ideas (things like how the player would counter that type of enemy) in.

It's been said that walls will be added so my first suggestion would be an enemy that can climb/leap over walls rather than just trying to smash them. Could be countered by electrified fences or barbed wire that injures them when they try to climb the walls.

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Re: Enemy Variety Thread

Post by DragonPox90210 »

I only have a few ideas for enemies:
Since it's an alien planet it wouldn't be hard to imagine enemies that split into multiple (or enemies that regenerate), maybe they could be taken out with electrical guns
Runners would be fast so a counter measure would be some kind of stasis
Tanks would be armored and could throw stuff, rockets would have to be their weakness
Flying enemies requiring anti-aircraft guns
and enemies that can go invisible requiring the scanners to find it
These are what I've come up with so far :D

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Enemy variations

Post by ssilk »

Revisiting old threads...

This belongs to an epic, which could be called "Enemy variations" or "Types of enemies".

Image (from viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8927 )

List of threads:

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About Boss Enemies (should eventually be an own thread)

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viewtopic.php?f=80&t=139 Enemy Variations / Enemy Variety / New Enemies / Boss
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Re: Enemy Variations / Enemy Variety / New Enemies / Boss

Post by nuhll »

What about like in starcraft where the enemys spread some shit on ground(if you already build and it spreads to you, buildings gets damaged over time), where you cant build? What if creeps also need to build some sort of economics? What if we could play them? (PvP!!!!!!!!?)

What about other NPCs or other races? Thers so much to do..

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Re: Enemy Variations / Enemy Variety / New Enemies / Boss

Post by Koub »

Like in these topics ?
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=25043 Suggestion for better challenge game
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=22482 Late game Monsters
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Re: Enemy Variations / Enemy Variety / New Enemies / Boss

Post by heyqule »

I'll throw these here for those who want different types of enemies. :D

Enemy manager to spawn different types of attack waves (e.g flyer waves, drop ships waves). You can also manage enemy strength, how each race spawns, how they expand and etc.


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