Factory of (almost) everything

Post pictures and videos of your factories.
If possible, please post also the blueprints/maps of your creations!
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Factory of (almost) everything

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To have everything at hand for my next walkthrough, I designed this thing. It's for production items.

Don't call it spaghetti, it's a maze instead. A maze with secret passages and trapdoors you discover if you inspect carefully. Designing this taught me how to use belts. I don't think it's possible to make a bigger variety of products with less redundant assembling machines on a smaller footprint (except with bots, of course).

It started out as belt and inserter factory a week ago, but I couldn't stop adding more and more until I got almost every logistic and production item.
screenshot-tick-32384299.jpg (1008.49 KiB) Viewed 2905 times

You need factories for the basic pre-products only (as well as red and blue circuits if you need items that require these).
Circuits are only used to limit amount of items in chests and to prevent wasting input material. Actual crafting takes place without circuit control. You can limit chest stacks instead, if you need.

After about 10 minutes most of the regular stuff is built and available from the chests. After about half an hour most of the modules should be available.

Notable features:
- downgrade the assembling machines to make it useful for earlier game
- upgrade the steel chests to provider chests to make stuff available to the logistic network once it is researched
- modules don't matter - without modules, it's just a bit slower and consume more resources
- it's (almost) completely built with yellow and red belts, so it's feasible since not far from the beginning. There is one single blue underground belt at the green circuit subfactory. As long as you don't have assembling machine 3 and modules, simply replace it with a yellow underground belt.
- you can replace the nuclear reactor recipe with the centrifuge recipe, and the assembling machine will create centrifuges instead.

- just the barest military. Advanced military needs vastly different pre-products and bulk production of ammo, so you build a separate factory for this.
- electricity is provided by substations due to laziness of me. To make actual use in earlier game stage, you need to replace them with poles.

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