Sushi and Spagetthi

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Sushi and Spagetthi

Post by mmmPI »

Hey i've been playing the game a lot, tried different set of rules for games, sometimes strict rules sometimes more as guideline.
I thought this time it look interesting so i wanted to share pictures.

It all started with the module on the left side on next picture, it's a double sushi belts for early mall. The outer belt is fed with material that are on a bus, the inner belt is fed with intermediate material from the module whose destination are other machine in the module.

sushi and spagetthi 3.jpg
sushi and spagetthi 3.jpg (1.02 MiB) Viewed 545 times
It's pretty inefficient in terms of UPS for circuit vs UPS for entities, something like 10 times more for circuit than for entities. I tried to reduce the number of belt that are read at all time on following version of the sushi mall. I wouldn't recommand large scale setup based on this.

The material are put on the sushi belt when the read content drops below a threshold. Then i adjusted manually the numbers so that it didn't jam and so that material are still coming at a decent rate.

The combinators at the bottom allow me to configure how much material i want sitting in the mall's chests.
sushi and spagetthi 2.jpg
sushi and spagetthi 2.jpg (908.46 KiB) Viewed 545 times
Here you can see one red circuit module and the blue science one too. I tried variation of sushi belt layout. Still controlling the material flow using the same technique of reading at some point of the belt and allowing materials when quantity drops under a threshold.

The base isn't finished some plans are to retrofit the early base into all-sushi, in particular labs.
sushi and spagetthi 4.jpg
sushi and spagetthi 4.jpg (888.9 KiB) Viewed 545 times
Here is purple and yellow science.

I put efficiency modules and lvl 2 assembly everywhere because i didn't want to place too many solar pannels. Those things can take a lot of time to build so even if science production and research are slow, the labs had run 100% during the whole game. i'm now finishing all research before space science. What takes the most time is the spagetthi that brings the material :).

sushi and spagetthi 6.jpg
sushi and spagetthi 6.jpg (1019.3 KiB) Viewed 545 times
I don't usually do main busses, but this is an exception.
You can maybe distinguish that this is a horizontal bus coming from left side. Some vertical sushi lane are crossing it, and some material from the bus is side loaded onto those sushi belts.
Also the bus is resupplied with material from the train. Those material mixed with those coming from the left side are split to the right side or bottom side. That is mostly what is happening but there are plenty of exceptions, rules are guidelines here :).
sushi and spagetthi 5.jpg
sushi and spagetthi 5.jpg (907.98 KiB) Viewed 545 times
I drew the grid with stone brick after the first module, then i decided it looked good and tried to fit all the other thing i would produce in similar sized sushi.
The very early game setup is still present on the left side but i will try to redo it accordingly when starting ore is all depleted.

I had to make exception for yellow science because of the number of machines and number of item/sec needed to sustain the 7 assembly.
I often changed project at this stage of the game so i'm posting now :) but maybe i'll do the rocket launching sushi too.

At the end i really like how this look :
sushi and spagetthi 7.jpg
sushi and spagetthi 7.jpg (270.12 KiB) Viewed 545 times
That's part of the reason why there is no logistic robots used at all.
When a part of the factory lacks inputs, it can take dozen minutes to understand why and where are the materials going even if i built this myself, because it's very messy so i tried to avoid as much as possible the situation :).

What is not shown are just very boring electric furnace array and a long line of green circuit assembly, those are located near ore patches north of the spagetthi factory, they deliver Steel, stone brick, copper and iron plate to the base with 111 trains. And a solar field.

Maybe it can inspire other people , it was fun to do; feel free to post any similar looking picture i'll appreciate :)

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Re: Sushi and Spagetthi

Post by Hanse00 »

Love it!

That looks like a fun "out of the box" build. Awesome work :)

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