Planning to recreate car belt system tutorial in English.

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Planning to recreate car belt system tutorial in English.

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But not decided yet. It takes time.
1or 2 years ago, I was inspired by the trick that tanks could be moved by belts while interact with insertors. After that, I figured out a lot tricks to get the systems go. I made a tutorial about it in Chinese.
After that, I found the car belt system was not good enough for real game usage. First, it lags. When 300cars are placed, the game is already lagging. Second, a lot entities are involved only to keep the cars in place. The structures are tricky. Very few people know how to build the whole system even it is 2020.
Things get changed when the Mtn Fortress came out. The map is very popular now. Briefly, the car belt system fits the map perfectly. Cars are allow to place inside cargoes and the connection is wide enough for car belt system. What's more, in a narrow place like the one you see in that map, car belt system has the biggest transport capacity(even if train is not banned).
So, I'm planning to recreate the tutorial in English. But I don't know where to publish it yet.

If you are interesting in this tutorial, let me know.

Good luck.

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