Rocket fuel from coal w/ coal liquefaction

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Rocket fuel from coal w/ coal liquefaction

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Another contraption with coal liquefaction.
This factory will create 33 rocket fuel per second from 4 full blue belts of coal and plenty of water. This is enough to supply slightly more than 2.5 rockets+satellites per minute. Exactly 2 of these can power a megabase with 5 rockets per minute (5k SPM), and the small surplus should be just enough for nuclear fuel for the trains.

I guess this is the most efficient usage of coal liquefaction, because you don't need to crack all oil to petroleum gas. Instead you only need to crack to light oil and almost exclusively use the efficient light oil to rocket fuel recipe.
Initially, it requests 5 barrels of heavy oil from the logistics network to start and initially fuels the boilers with coal, as long as solid fuel is not yet available.

In its entirety, it's probably the biggest and most complex factory component I created as blueprint, although it only has 2 inputs: coal and water, and 1 output: rocket fuel. Power requirement is 900 MW.

coal to rocket fuel w coal liquefaction.jpg
coal to rocket fuel w coal liquefaction.jpg (918.8 KiB) Viewed 1695 times

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