Plastic bars from coal w/ coal liquefaction

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Plastic bars from coal w/ coal liquefaction

Post by Tertius »

This is a factory for creating 3.6 blue belts of plastic bars from 4 full blue belts of coal (and plenty of water).

It uses coal liquefaction for the highly magic conversion. It autostarts from zero (ok, 3-4 heavy oil barrels need to be available in the logistics network for the initial start). Initial fueling of the boilers is with coal, and as soon as light oil becomes available during the process, boiler fuel is switched to solid fuel.

Might be a candidate for off-site plastic bar production near a coal mine that turns it into a plastic bar mine, because it only needs water in addition. Bring the oil barrels in the construction phase, then never needed again.

It's slightly ugly with missing symmetry and slight pipe spaghetti. On the other hand it's a quite compact setup. The belt ugliness mainly comes from the requirement to satisfy the coal demands of each oil refinery, which is not easy at this production speed. You cannot just feed with a stack inserter and have the refineries full at all times. And it's because of the many pipe inputs and outputs of the oil refinery, which is slightly more difficult for coal liquefaction than for ordinary advanced oil processing. The placement of some beacons seems arbitrary, but they are perfectly balanced to give the required production speeds - not too slow, and not too fast.

If you add the 3 missing beacons, you can cut out the 16 plastic bar plants and use them for creating 4 full blue belts of plastic bars if used with a different (more abundant) petroleum gas source.

coal to plastic w coal liquefaction.jpg
coal to plastic w coal liquefaction.jpg (1.17 MiB) Viewed 1563 times

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