Prototype compact all science.

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Prototype compact all science.

Post by n7m6e7 »

Hello all. Its been a long time.

I've been working on this for a while, and thought id share the spaghetti madness.

I was attempting to create a compact factory capable of producing 1 of every science continuously.
If fully upgraded with blue belts and lvl 3 assemblers it SHOULD produce 5 of each science (aside from space) every 4 seconds.

Its worth noting i left out all of the smelters and chemical plant nonsense. These will need to be fed into the factory from outside.

And before anyone mentions it, the bottom right corner digs into my soul.... And i MIGHT fix it later. Once my sanity returns.
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Re: Prototype compact all science.

Post by wobbycarly »

Very nice! My next run I was looking to build an "every science pack" module that only takes in raw materials, so this is additional inspiration.

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