Alien Technology, Advanced AI, More Planets,Factorio "World"

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Alien Technology, Advanced AI, More Planets,Factorio "World"

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Aliens should also be able to build & research, not just spawn from a spawner. The aliens should be able to build advanced technology, only accessible by aliens. They should farm the resources too and improve their technology. This would also add to the possible multiplayer a lot - players could compete against each other with teams of humans vs aliens .

Other than that, more alien types need to be added, for example:
  • Random textures for aliens, just to make them look a bit different
  • Ranged alien
  • Boss alien
Other ideas:
  • Humans can study & learn from alien technologies (Same for aliens learning human technologies)
  • Alien ore, which could only be mined by alien technologies (and by humans, after they research it). Humans should not have their own ore - they are the "aliens" of the planet they landed on.
  • Terraforming. After studying the surface of the planet, you should be able to change the surface to a different type, perhaps be able to generate snow, rain, fog.
  • More planets. Different climate, different surface, size, perhaps, generating space over time and expanding with more planets. Player would have to research a lot to be able to study space & astrology and build a ship to travel in it.
  • Factorio Universe (World). A server, hosted officially by Factorio. It would have hundreds, if not thousands, of different planets, where the players could live on. Players can choose to be either a human or an alien. Players could visit each other, form alliances or capture other planets. (I might have gotten carried away with this concept)
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Epic: Alien juice

Post by ssilk »

This belongs to an epic: Alien juice ... ?f=6&t=171
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