Change the name of "steel plate" to "iron beam"

Ideas, that are too old (too much things changed) or won't be implemented cause of some reasons or if there are obvious better suggestions.

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Re: Change the name of "steel plate" to "iron beam"

Post by ssilk »

This is interesting, seems that Outdated board is not really connected to ideas and suggestions board (I searched, but from Suggestions and didn’t find that).

I will have a deeper look, why, but dunno if within this week.
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Re: Change the name of "steel plate" to "iron beam"

Post by TheOldGuy »

I'm a newbie gamer at young age of 65 y/o. (Hence the username lol)

Gotta say that I'm addicted to Factorio, I've had it about 2 weeks and already have over 50 hours between some of the tutorials and freeplay.

Having worked in the steel construction industry for most of my life I too find "steel plate" used to identify a "steel beam" very confusing. My suggestion is go ahead and keep "Iron plate" for the plates and change "steel plate" to "steel beam"

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