Yuoki Ressourcen with Bob's and Angel's

Energy production, weapons, handling fluids and much more - excellent graphics.

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Yuoki Ressourcen with Bob's and Angel's

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Hi there,

i started a fresh start of a playthrough with complete Bob's and Angel's, Yuoki and some other mods as well.
In my last playthrough it was possible to refine the res in the sorting facilities, to get "blue" and "green-yellowish"
Now i don't find anything like that.
Have i to go with mud and washing or other ways?


Moin, Yuoki Tani.
Im letzten großen Durchlauf mit Deinem Mod sowie Angel und Bob konnte man die Ressourcen raffinieren, nun finde ich nichts dergleichen.
Geht nur noch der "komplizierte" Weg über Waschungen?

Danke für evtl. Antwort


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