Yuoki Ores with Angel Mods

Energy production, weapons, handling fluids and much more - excellent graphics.

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Yuoki Ores with Angel Mods

Post by YuokiTani » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:03 am

Thanks to foodfactorio and steinio for this informations.
steinio wrote:
foodfactorio wrote:Btw, i think i found a Bug with Angels Refining (it says that it supports Yuoki but i tried and no Yuoki resources spawn, and no setting options for Frequency etc are available)? this is in factorio v00.16.16 with your Refining 0.9.8, and Infinite 0.7.3 mods.

(without Refining, the Yuoki mods appear again) just to let you know in case of a bug.)
i was looking forward to an AngelBobYuoki game but without angels refining its not a game :)
You need to refine the Angel's ores to get Yuoki ores, that's were the name of the mod comes from.

Open the tech Tree with T and search for sorting. There you see the various combinations to get also Yuoki ores.

If you need more Info, I can look it up for you in a few hours when i"m back at home.

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