[1.1.34] Desync when copying BP with missing modded entities

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[1.1.34] Desync when copying BP with missing modded entities

Post by kryojenik »

There are a few conditions that set this up.

Save game was created pre-1.1.34 (I used 1.1.33 for the repro)
BP was created with a modded entity pre-1.1.34. (again, created in 1.1.33)
The mods here are Inlaid Lamps Extended and Bob's Logistics
Must be multi-player. I could not reproduce in single-player with /toggle-heavy-mode.
It does not reproduce on the system hosting the game. Only the client that joined. -- maybe this by definition, but new to desyncs.

Related files:

There is a save game (no mods), a desync report and a blueprint-storage.dat.

Steps to repro:
Copy blueprint-storage.dat to the appropriate location on system 2
Host the save game on system 1 and join from system 2
On system 2 open the BP book and attempt to create a copy (open and click the copy icon) of a BP containing modded entities.
The BP's in the first column all contain modded entities within. Column 1, Row 3 is the only on in the first column without a modded icon.
Column 2 contain only vanilla entities, but Column 2, Row 3 contains a modded icon.

All of Column 1 caused a desync. Only Row 3 from Column 2 caused a desync.

If I open load the game with the missing mods, the BPs will not desync. It appeared that once the BP file was opened with the missing mods, subsequent multi-player sessions without the mods would no-longer desync.

Please let me know if any further test results would be needed.


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