[1.1.19] Crash to Main menu after Trying to Launch a rocket in a world carried over many versions

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[1.1.19] Crash to Main menu after Trying to Launch a rocket in a world carried over many versions

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"The scenario level caused a non-recoverable error.
Please report this error to the scenario author.

Error while running event level::on_rocket_launched (ID 10)
__core__/lualib/silo-script.lua:36: attempt to index field 'finished' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
__core__/lualib/silo-script.lua:36: in function 'handler'
__core__/lualib/event_handler.lua:47: in function <__core__/lualib/event_handler.lua:45>"

I carried a world over many versions (its was my first world when I got the game many years ago). I first finished it with the "Rocket defense" when that was a thing (also laser turrets were 1x1 and not 2x2 like now). Then again sometime around 0.17.? I think whith the Rocket Silo, launched a total of at least 2 Rockets because I have 2k Space science. When I carried the world over to 1.0 I was messing around, fixing stuff when 1.1.19 came around. so I updated. had a few mods running that improved my life a bit and then got around to actually doing space science again. So I tried to launch a new Rocket. Just as it would have given me the ""YOU WIN"" promt it gave me the error and the world crashed to main menu (it gave me the error message, I hit "Confirm" and the game threw me back into main menu)

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtxKY3MAaL1z-w9fdAz ... d?e=uS4NcK

The Rocket Silos are a bit to the left of where it sais "MAIN" on the Map, just try to launch a rocket that should produce the error at least in the couple of times I tried.[/spoiler]

https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtxKY3MAaL1z-xFu2OS ... _?e=mheTKG
https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtxKY3MAaL1z-xCMnel ... Q?e=ahadDN

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