[0.18.40] Blueprint in library doesn't build from map

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[0.18.40] Blueprint in library doesn't build from map

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0. Use default settings for "Build" and "Drag map" (left mouse button).
1. Pick up a blueprint from the blueprint library (hand icon remains in library).
2. Go to map view; mouse over a place where the blueprint can be built (in radar range, no obstructions).
3. Left click. The blueprint does not build as expected.

More information:
- Dragging the mouse while holding left click causes the blueprint to build (in addition to dragging the map).
- Blueprints used from the player inventory do not have this problem.
- Shift-clicking results in the proper behavior even for prints in the library.
- The problem only occurs when the control settings for "Build" and "Drag map" coincide, as is the default.

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