[0.16.51] Desync in replay of scenario starting with content in hand

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[0.16.51] Desync in replay of scenario starting with content in hand

Post by arrow in my gluteus » Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:34 pm

Describe the problem as best as you can
A scenario that starts with items in the player's hand, will instantly desync when watching the replay.

Write down the steps to reproduce the bug if you know them.
select belts in hotbar (I presume it works with any item)
press escape
save map
quit game (to menu, not to desktop)
map editor
convert save
select save
select scenario that was just created
save game (overwrite initial save game)
quit game (to menu, not to desktop)
replay game
select save
Map desynchronization

I was filming the first time it happend, if you would find it useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um_AUbHrUdI

Does it happen always, once, or sometimes?
seems to happen every time; but only tested it with the scenario included with this report.

Provide Attachments
(3.8 KiB) Downloaded 20 times
an example scenario that causes a problem:
a zip of the scenario in question
(1.02 MiB) Downloaded 21 times
a save file with the replay already broken:
safe file with broken replay
(2.07 MiB) Downloaded 13 times

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