[posila] freeze, GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY not handled

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[posila] freeze, GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY not handled

Post by sthalik » Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:24 pm

I used .ini settings (force-off compression, high quality sprites) to force an out-of-VRAM condition. Strangely this error happened rather than keeping textures in main memory (I was trying to test low-VRAM thrashing). There's 16 GB of free main system RAM at the time of the freeze.

This error happened at load time.

The GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY error isn't handled according to the spec, causing freezes. The spec says that the GL context is invalid with that return value (i.e. useless to use anymore). Mesa returns GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY in cases where the context gets broken for unrelated reasons as it's the only error code that informs of context invalidation. Note, the driver used is for Radeon on Windows despite the earlier Mesa reference.

Code: Select all

  29.379 [OpenGL] ogl_unlock_region_nonbb_nonfbo:0: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY
  29.379 glTexSubImage2D for format ARGB_8888 failed.
  29.482 [OpenGL] ogl_unlock_region_nonbb_nonfbo:0: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY
  29.482 glTexSubImage2D for format ARGB_8888 failed.
 200.178 [OpenGL] ogl_unlock_region_nonbb_nonfbo:0: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY
 200.178 glTexSubImage2D for format ARGB_8888 failed.
 200.422 [OpenGL] ogl_unlock_region_nonbb_nonfbo:0: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY
 200.422 glTexSubImage2D for format ARGB_8888 failed.
 200.668 [OpenGL] ogl_unlock_region_nonbb_nonfbo:0: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY
 200.668 glTexSubImage2D for format ARGB_8888 failed.

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