[0.9.8]Tight Spot, Reload Crash

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Manual Inserter
Manual Inserter
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[0.9.8]Tight Spot, Reload Crash

Post by Blastingmike »

When playing the level Tight Spot, I found a bug(game crashing).
This is the way i got the error:

1. Start new campaign (scenario-pack/Tight Spot)
2. Press start(without building anything)
3. Let the progress begin
4. Save game during progress
5. Load file
6. Press Reload
7. Crash

Error Message
"Couldn't read from input file. File could be corrupted."

Factorio Staff
Factorio Staff
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Re: [0.9.8]Tight Spot, Reload Crash

Post by kovarex »

Thank you for the report.

It is fixed for the the (to be released) 0.10.9 version.

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