[0.10.3][kovarex] 4.3G Green Science Packs

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[0.10.3][kovarex] 4.3G Green Science Packs

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most of my science facilities have 4.3G green science sitting in them. This seemed odd so I right clicked on one, and now whenever I try to drop all the green science into something, in stacks of 200, it then fills up my inventory with more green science from thin air. i basically have endless green science, but that's not the worst part. no, it crashed the game when i tried to make a factory to make boxes to then repeatedly drop the green science and destroy it. I mentioned this in the DyTech forum first because I was unsure if it was caused by their mod and someone else mentioned it had happened -- they destroyed all of their science facilities to "fix" it.

The save is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz88_8 ... sp=sharing

Mods used

Base Mod

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Re: [0.10.3] 4.3G Green Science Packs

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Re: [0.10.3][kovarex] 4.3G Green Science Packs

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Solved (hopefully), more info in the linked topic.

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