[10.3] Burner inserters not inserting coal

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Long Handed Inserter
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[10.3] Burner inserters not inserting coal

Post by Colombo »


modded assembly machine on burner
belt with coal and iron plates
burner inserter
assembly machine creating iron gears

In that situation, burner inserter won't refuel itself and won't move coal to assembly machine.

With different recipe (science pack lvl 1) it works normally on belt with coal and copper plates

Similar situation happens, when:
using Tree-farm mod in germlings producing stage:

Input belt with wood
burner assembling machine assembling germlings from wood
using burner-inserters to move stuff

Burner-inserter won't move wood to both assembly input and fuel input.
Even when using different source for fuel (eg. coal), due to finished germlings being source of fuel, burner-inserter won't insert coal into fuel slot. When germlings are removed, burner inserter would insert coal.

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Re: [10.3] Burner inserters not inserting coal

Post by slpwnd »

Thanks for the bug reports. All of this will be fixed in 0.10.4. Namely

1) Burner inserter not refueling itself.
2) Assembling machine not getting the coal for its burner.

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