[0.9.8] .text property change isn't visible until reload.

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[0.9.8] .text property change isn't visible until reload.

Post by rk84 »

There is some quirkiness in textfield element. It has two string fields text and caption. Latest factorio update (0.10.0) reminded me of it, because there is some change on element.add() -method that broke my mod.

Creation of element:

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element.add({ type="textfield", name="test", style=style, text = "0", caption ="1" })

--element.test.caption is "1"
--element.test.text is ""
--the textfield on screen is empty
Current usage:
When user edits the textfield, the text is saved in "text" -field.
Script can read and write both fields, but only when adding value to caption -field it has visible effect on screen.

Some interesting usage.

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--Overwriting user inputs. Basicly "locks" textfield if used ontick.
element.test.caption = element.test.caption
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Re: Usage of textfield -element

Post by kovarex »

Thank you for the report, it is fixed for 0.10.4 now.

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