How to report a bug - READ BEFORE POSTING

Post your bugs and problems so we can fix them.

How to report a bug - READ BEFORE POSTING

Postby slpwnd » Fri May 16, 2014 12:41 pm

We are getting many bug reports, please help us by being organized!

Search first
  • Use the advanced search, you can limit it to only look in the Bug Report sub-forum, use keywords like: Crash, load, start, inserter, train,...
  • Read the Known issues, if it is there, don't make a new topic.
  • Search the Bug reports board, if your bug has been reported before contribute to that report, don't open a new one.

Report only bugs from latest version
Current version can be seen in the Releases board.
Report the bug as new topic into the Bug reports board. Watch out for other announcement posts like this.

Use a useful title
  • start with the version number in square brackets (You can exclude the 0. in the beginning): [12.22]
  • the number of characters available for the title is very limited, so don't wear yourself out, if its not completely useless we can live with it.
  • two things should be included in the title if possible: What happened and in what context: Crash on game start. or Inserter not taking coal. Bad: I have a problem when playing the game.

Describe the problem as best as you can
  1. What did you do?
  2. What happened?
  3. What did you expect to happen instead? It might be obvious to you, but do it anyway!
  • Write down the steps to reproduce the bug if you know them.
  • Does it happen always, once, or sometimes?
  • Be precise! When i click with the mouse on Quit in the main menu... Not: When I close the game.

Provide Attachments
If the files are to big for a direct forum attachment, post a link to a 3rd party hosting solution (i.e. dropbox).

Thank you!
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Re: How to report a bug - READ BEFORE POSTING

Postby cube » Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:47 am

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