[0.14.22] Unpausing with non-admin host & admin-only setting

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[0.14.22] Unpausing with non-admin host & admin-only setting

Postby IronCartographer » Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:58 am

  • Admin creates, hosts savegame
  • Guest joins, saves copy of game
  • Guest re-hosts with "Only admins can pause" enabled
  • Original Admin joins re-hosted game
  • (Guest is not an admin despite hosting)
:arrow: Depending on which player pauses, and if the player who unpauses is different, the game can have one player incapacitated while it continues normally for the other, or... both players can be stuck with a paused game and glitched [un]pause buttons.

Finally figured out it's not 1/0 magic. Sorry for the timing!
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