Simplify switching to destruction planner with hotkeys

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Simplify switching to destruction planner with hotkeys

Post by Bomaz »

ctrl+(x or v or c) followed by alt+d should select destruction planner.

What ?
When the copy or cut tools are selected (ctrl + c, ctrl + x, ctrl + v) the destruction planner can't be selected by pressing alt + d.
Why ?
When designing I often past realize something is wrong, delete something, copy something realize something more needs deleting etc. I do this by using the appropriate hotkeys but in order to select destruction planner I need to press q in between to clear the hand. It would be nice to skip that extra step as I frequently use the wrong tool when forgetting q.

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Re: Simplify switching to destruction planner with hotkeys

Post by ickputzdirwech »

This has been implemented. You can switch between the different shortcuts with the keyboard controls in whatever order you like. Even if you already have something selected.
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