Multiplayer Matching, Server Browser

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Multiplayer Matching, Server Browser

Post by MrFaul »

OK I'm really looking forward to test your Server Browser.
But since it is still in development I want to take the opportunity to make some wishes about it.

One major concern for me is the display speed and I thought a lot about which informations should take priority.
(Take SE for example. The Server Browser is functional but really really bad, it takes ages and refreshes every freaking time you do something)

So I came to the conclusion that the first thing I want to know is the Server and Map name next to that is the Player count and very important is: is it dedicated or local?
(A flag like [D] [L] is sufficient. A bonus would be a PW indicator : -)

Those are the information the matchmaking Server should cache (besides the IP obviously) pack and send as one "file" entirely to the client.
(game server should send a "vCard" containing all vital information to the matchmaking server but only once a minute)

This allows an almost instant serverlist where you can browse to your hearts content without wasting minutes of emptiness.
After you click on one entry in the list the client pings it and gets fresh additional information like:
  • Adv. Player Info
  • Server Description
  • Ping
  • Mods
  • Game Mode / Scenario type (for certain types like PvP a game lobby would be necessary, so next TODO pls)
  • Tags
The drawback is that this requires for a client that any unknown filter options have to be send to the matchmaking server as well and a new "server list" is send in return, but I think it is worth it.
(Alternatively you could send the whole DB it depends what's more valuable to you server CPU or bandwidth)
On the subject of filters please include a search option for all fields.

It would also be nice to tell the game server to send "vCards" and the client "list requests" to additional community matchmaking servers.
This has two major advantages:
First: this enables the community to make specialized matchmaking servers (i.e. total conversion mods)
Second: easy backups if your service at Wube Software is unavailable or discontinued <- hopefully this is in the far far future :D

This is my input on this topic and I'm curious about your viewpoints be it Wube Staff or community
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Re: Multiplayer Matching, Server Browser

Post by daniel34 »

Implemented in 0.13.

Friday Facts #139 - Wrapping up multiplayer
Friday Facts #116 - Strategy Guide (scroll down to Multiplayer Matching Server)
quick links: log file | graphical issues | wiki

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