Spidertron UI for logistic

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Spidertron UI for logistic

Post by Tekillaa »

Better Spidertron User Interface : suppression inventory tab and be able to interact with spidertron logistic tab in the map (or at least activate/desactivate)
What ?
For now: when we open the spidertron UI, we got at the left our inventory,and at the right the "spidertron section" and we can't desactivate logistic request or change logistic settings in the map
Suggestion is about the spidertron UI:
-when the player can reach the spidertron, the UI open both inventories and logistic tab from the selected spidertron, the other tab replacing the logistic request being the "grid tab"
-when we select a spidertron on the map, the UI open the inventory that our inventory can't interact with( still possible to change item position or slot filters) and the logistic tab to let the player have a clear view of the inventory and be able to manage the spidertron logistic
The idea lead to make the spidertron a walking bufferchest that we can select logistic settings without making stupid path to make the request (or mostly trash request) in the correct logistic area.
We should have at the least the possibilty to activate/desactivate spidertron logistic request on the map, because the option to desactivate while moving is not enough.
Why ?
Inconsistency on how it works for now:
we can't see the spidertron inventory and logistic on the same screen, not very user friendly.
we can't desactivate spidertron logistic if we are out of reach, I tried to make some copypaste trick, trying to avoid the logistic area i dont want my spidertron to interact with, not very fun.
The inventory/logistic spidertron UI (with player out of reach) on the same screen for the spidertron allow to use the same shortcut as the player inventory (like throwing item into logistic for waste)

Thanks a lot for what is already done! You are awesome!
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It should be add in the game: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=67650 :)

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Re: Spidertron UI for logistic

Post by knightelite »

Seems like good changes to me.

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