Coupling wagons and locomotives

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Coupling wagons and locomotives

Post by TheoMarque »

I know, someones never use that function and almost everyone remove wagon/locomotive and place again to connect/disconnect train wagons.
But if your wagons are full of precious items or fluid, you won't manually remove items or lost your fluids.
So, You have coupling function by keys, G for PAIR and V for UNPAIR if you are inside in wagon/locomotive. Pairing every time works as usual, connecting all pieces of train together.

I do some tests, legend:
W - wagon, L- locomotive, brackets [, ], signaling where player in, <, > facing


W [W] W -> first right, second left.
W [L>] W W W -> first left wagon, second right. If you rotate locomotive the order was reversed. Wagon behind locomotive is the first that will be disconnected.

But in more complex situation, for example when trains stuck, is near impossible unpair in this way double-headed train, when locos are facing together. Unpair works as above but you need go inside and outside few times in one situation.

W W [L>] <L W W -> unpair left wagons but still connected to second locomotive


My idea to resolve (but devs are usually better in this):

1. Hovering cursor on wagon we see small arrow (as inserters) which junction will be removed and all logic, need going into wagon gone. Of course we fee two keys on keyboard for something more useful.
1a. Pairing can work in the same way, with selecting route which will be copied into arrow pointed wagon.

2. Give virtual item in blueprint (or special tool) connecting and disconnecting wagons.

Gameplay function - removing wagons and locos from rail track take more time than today. Is little weird that removing whole wagon takes that few moments.

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Re: Coupling wagons and locomotives

Post by ptx0 »

as i understand it, this is legacy behaviour to be able to connect/disconnect rolling stock. it was part of the original vision for trains, but now not really.

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Re: Coupling wagons and locomotives

Post by MassiveDynamic »

It works as described but it’s mostly useless because you have to add and remove locos (and then fuel them) if you want to split a large train and reorganize the wagons. I have done it a few times but usually it’s easier to just mine them up and start over. I have seen a mod that allows for a more real world trainyard type operation but it’s been a while ago.

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Re: Coupling wagons and locomotives

Post by ssilk »

moved to suggestions, because it clearly is one — ssilk

My opinion: a fully working coupling system (manual and automatic and controlled by combinators) might have an interesting game-play value. To make sense, we might need also a switchyard for that (also some suggestions about that subject).
Cool suggestion: Eatable MOUSE-pointers.
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