Map icon copy/paste ability and scaling

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Map icon copy/paste ability and scaling

Post by Cije »

I have been playing Factorio since 2017, it has been really fun and an endless source for stretching my intellectual muscle. I have 2330 hours played and it is still fun like it was the first time i started playing.
I have a suggestion, and I've been searching the forums and didn't find any topic about it, so here it is.
It would be really nice if there was a way to scale icons on the map. Or I am not aware of that possibility?
Also, the ability to copy/paste icons on the map would be really nice.

What ?
I suggest to add a scale button, also add the ability to select and copy the items on the map.
This really does not seem complicated to implement (from my non programmer point of view).

Suggestion of a scale button

Why ?
It would add a feature that would make organization better and easier if you are building a large scale mega base, you could zoom out more and be able to find a location you marked on a the map more easier.
Also the ability to copy/paste icons on a map would sometimes make marking a location (or something else)..../you could do it with less clicking and searching for the icons.

This is just my 2 cents, I know these are minor "problems" and are really not essential, but the game is literal unplayable without this :P and it would be a nice implementation.

Thanks !

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Re: Map icon copy/paste ability and scaling

Post by Gummiente27 »

On a more zoomed out map the fancy map icons blend with visual clutter from their background.

Having a size slider per icon would be great.

I want to add to this idea: (A gui option) to darken the background of map icons to increase the contrast.

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