Tutorial Feedback - Automobilism stage

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Tutorial Feedback - Automobilism stage

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Howdy. Even though I'm a long-time player, I decided to play through the tutorial. I'm on the stage where you need to research "automobilism". The flavor dialog indicates that the engineer will want to build a car, however, there's no guidance on how to prepare to build the car other than through research. There are long periods of time where the player may be sitting idle waiting for research to complete when they could be preparing to build the car with automation.

Since the player doesn't know what's involved in the ultimate "end goal" is for the level--they can only infer it--it would be nice for further prompts to prepare/keep automating. For example:

1) A message directing the player to use the technology tree to see the materials the car will require;
2) When steel has been researched, a message indicating that the player should automate steel production for the car; and
3) When engine has been researched, a message indicating that the player should automate engine production.
4) "Build a car" may not(?) complete until you place it. I don't know if the next step proceeded after a delay regardless and coincided when I placed it.

Unrelated to the above, but less important, during the step when the player needs to build walls, pointing out that some items cannot be built by hand (stone bricks).

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