Please add visual feedback for yield when adding oil using map editor

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Please add visual feedback for yield when adding oil using map editor

Post by PumpkinVision »

Can a yield feedback indicator be added when adding oil via the editor, the same as for other resources?
I notice that you can see the amount of resource for non-oil resources when using a spray or brush cursor, even when you have a different resource selected. By that, I mean that as you hover a copper brush over either coal or uranium, you see the amount of coal or uranium. But regardless of the brush (coal, oil, copper, anything), when you hover a brush or spray cursor over an oil patch, you do not see the yield.

(a) we are not getting feedback that holding the left mouse button is even doing anything, which makes it harder to learn how to add oil
The following posts illustrate the learning barrier that some of us have faced:
viewtopic.php?f=18&t=75859 ... n_0_yield/
I also found it a challenge to learn. Only by googling and finding the first of the three above posts did I learn what I was supposed to do.

(b) we are not getting feedback regarding how much oil we've added; so even when we've learned that "yes, this is how you add oil", we have to switch back and forth between spray/brush and cursor mode in order to see how much oil we have added
Adding a visual feedback indicator would address both (a) and (b).

In addition to the benefits, on the cost side, I hope that this would be a low-cost change since the visual feedback mechanism already works for the other resources. I expect it is not working for oil only because oil uses 'yield' rather than 'amount'.

I have confirmed this behavior in both stable .17.79 and experimental .18.12.

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