More Oil Processing

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More Oil Processing

Post by leadraven »

Hello, factorians.

Although I like new simplified oil processing entry recipe, I miss balancing between two oil cracking recipes (in addition to coal liquefaction).
Sulfuric Acid would be an interesting ingredient for late-game oil management, as it involves iron. Also it is used IRL.
So, I suggest following recipes :
  1. Gas Extraction : oil -> gas [Chemical Plant]. Don't confuse player with Refinery at this stage, Chemical Plant is enough. (already mentioned it here viewtopic.php?f=6&t=80087)
  2. Basic Oil Cracking: oil+water. Compared to Advanced : less heavy, more gas. Optional : replace water with steam - fuel supply would be a nice subtask.
  3. Advanced Oil Cracking: oil+acid. Compared to Basic : more heavy, more total output, less net gas output (in terms of full cracking and accounting Sulfuric Acid cost).
  4. Coal Liquefaction : I suggest to replace one of ingredients - heavy or steam - with Sulfuric Acid, to make things more complicated and reduce net output (because this recipe is quite powerfull, especially in terms of fuel value).

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