Added Challenge Layer : Player Vital

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Added Challenge Layer : Player Vital

Post by colonyan »

Just bought 2 days ago. And game is sucking up all my freetime!
So. Player's deeds "pollutes" the planet and angers native life forms? How about opposite situation happens to player at same time?

Supposing this game is do or die(no respawn, that is permadeath. But with save and load), I suggest adding player's vital system.
Vital and anomaly situations dictates followings.
- HP Regeneration rate up and down. Mostly down in case of vital anomalies due to infectious diseases.
- Various viruses and its status (several types to exist at same time all in purpose to kill player. which are generated randomly and which have all different symptoms and time period until surfacing)
- Lower maximum hit point.
- Grown virus status that constantly lowering player's hp.

Why do this?
- Resource sink. Sophisticated medic bay of different types, Plantations to make anti dote source plants and Maintaining of facilities for this end.
- More research materials.
- Exploration goals. Different vegetation scattered around map for pushing player's to explore.
- Some medicament increases max hit point and regeneration rate.

How player gets sick?
- Any form of alien dead bodies not incinerated will spread disease.
- Many Planet's vegetation's spores and other micro organisms are deadly to earthlings.

To balance.
- Any sign does not appear until few hours in the game to give time to prepare.
- Portable and mass producible medicament to suppress to infections. Until player is exposed to new threat or disturbance on his/her vital(big damage, encounter with specific species)

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Re: Added Challenge Layer : Player Vital

Post by ssilk »

This is one of my biggest personal wishes.

- Planting stuff. Making drinks. You need some food and medicine.
- Every time you play it, you need different medicaments, different research first. An own research part for the alien side.
- A biter bites, but there is a chance he can also infect you and you need to research for your life.
- Long arm inserters fishes food from the lakes. Warm water will make the fishes breed, but also dangerous aliens. Parts of wood is a resource for making food. But also other plants.

- Do biters taste like chicken?
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